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There Has To Be More The Essential Guide To Personal Growth

AUTHOR: Racheal Service

Create a life that truly makes you happy with this essential guide to personal growth. You may have outgrown a relationship. Your job may no longer excite you. Maybe you look in the mirror and see someone you don't want to be anymore. You might be so fed up that you're ready to throw in the towel at work or in a friendship or relationship. Behind the scenes, thousands of smart, capable, amazing people like you feel the exact same way. Rachel Service was once one of these people. After a successful career plagued with anxiety, depression and eventually burn out, she knew there had to be more to life - so she booked a ticket to New York City to see Beyonce. It wasn't until she found herself crying through the concert that she realised: she was the problem. What she didn't yet know, was that she could also be the answer. In There Has To Be More, Rachel shares the methods and tools she created to genuinely grow and build a life that reflects what makes her happy. Since then, she has turned $300 in her bank account into a million-dollar business, became a CEO, got married and did a TEDx talk in a hot pink suit. There Has To Be More is a practical guide that walks the reader through the five steps towards personal growth. Rachel holds your hand along the way, encouraging you to pause and self-assess, then move on with greater insights and more courage. If you're ready to take back control, grow your confidence and assert your boundaries, this book will give you the tools to make positive change and discover your own definition of success in life and work.

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