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Money Diaries with She's on the Money

AUTHOR: Victoria Devine

Feel inspired, motivated and empowered to create the financial life you want.

With page-turning stories from real people about their relationships with money, plus fun activities and quick tips to help transform your own money story, Money Diaries with She's on the Money is the enjoyable, useful finance book you need (and actually want)!

Do you know what your money story is - your personal set of beliefs and experiences around money that directly influences how you earn, save and spend?

Could your story be holding you back from the financial life you dream of?

Meet 25 incredible real-life Money Diarists who are digging deep, opening up and sharing their intimate money stories with finance expert Victoria Devine - to lift the lid on how money really works in our lives so we can all understand it better.

It's honest, it's eye-opening, and it's more juicy than you'd ever expect a book about money to be!

These inspiring and motivating stories come with a range of guided journalling activities that will help you work out your own money story, how it impacts your behaviour, and how you can change your mindset about money to feel more in control. Plus there are money win tips from the savvy She's on the Money community in every chapter to help you pocket some easy savings (you're welcome!).

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