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How to Train Your Dog A Relationship-Based Approach for a Well-Behaved Dog

AUTHOR: Liz Palika and Kate Abbott

Bond with your canine friend and learn how to train the dog that's in front of you with relationship-based methods. It's the easiest and most effective way to get happy, noticeable results.

Your dog if your faithful friend, and they're happiest when they're by your side. But without some basic training, a dog can turn your life - and your house! - upside down. Chock-full of clear and easy-to-follow training tips and helpful colour photos to illustrate, this guide will make you and your dog the best-behaved pair at the dog park!

In this book, you get-
- Simple suggestions on establishing and strengthening your bond with your dog.
- A look at the collars, leashes, toys, treats, and other teaching tools you need.
- Terrific tips for keeping your training sessions exciting and upbeat so you both enjoy them.
- Easy lessons on housetraining and teaching basic commands, like sit, stay, and come.
- Pointers on using the positive lure-and-reward method to correct problem behaviours.
- Fun tutorials for teaching your dog tricks, retrieving games, agility, and more!

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